We help to encourage more colorful minds for a more beautiful tomorrow.

why would i use a coloring book to help my students??



Our book’s advice and activities pages encourage students to take control of their stress while still encouraging them to seek help if necessary.



Although a coloring book is not a form of therapy in it’s own right, we have carefully crafted this book to help young adults navigating the ever changing collegiate landscape.

Our books are designed to be used by student life services first, and as gifts second.



Each book is designed by students interested in sharing their own experiences to help others. The book also features QR codes and relevant numbers for organizations that seek to support overall student well-being. Additionally, The back of every book sports the Suicide Prevention Lifeline.



Our book’s cover leverages a modern, minimalist design to encourage students to open the book and learn more.

Our book’s artwork, advice, and relevant activities all relate to common experiences of student life.

Whether it is having a bad roommate, going through a breakup, or feeling completely lost, we encourage students engage with those experiences head on in a healthy, controlled manner.

Who have we helped?


We’ve distributed over 5000 books to students in 3 different states.

In multiple recognized universities.

Will your school be the next to join the movement?