The College in Color Book V1

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The College in Color Book V1


Engage with your students mental health like never before.

The College in Color book is a coloring book created to help counseling services and other student life professionals reach their students in an engaging and community oriented manner. Each page relates to a common stress often experienced in college and is drawn by student artists from around the nation. The page adjacent to its coloring page presents advice written by other students and activities designed by students as well. This generic book features College in Color's signature design, but organizations ordering large numbers of books can fully customize the front and back cover, and resource page.

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-25 pages of student designed artwork

- National resources pictured in the back of the book

-Simple modern and unique design (Fully customizable to match your organizations brand for orders over 500)

Product Specifications

- 5.5x8.5in 

-Stressors included in volume 1

Cluttered Mind

New Experiences

Missing a loved pet

Losing Sleep

The Past

Being overwhelmed

Time Management

Feeling Lonely

Money Management

Roomate Problems


Losing Sleep over Homework



Feeling Lost


The Future

Feeling confused

Bad days

Falling asleep in Class


Staying Focused

Failing a test

Big City Dreams