College is hard.

We understand.

In fact, College in Color was started by an RA in Nashville, Tennessee in 2017 following an encounter with a mentally unhealthy student. The student received the help that he needed, but this was only one in a wave of unhealthy mental states in college.

So we set out to help.

Our mission is simple.

Improve the state of mental health across american schools and universities through student created products and media.

And it all starts with a coloring book.

The Book.

The College in Color book redefines play therapy to be used for adults. It’s modern design and unique, peer created artwork, advice, and activities empower and encourage students to face their stressors head on with the support of a nationwide community. Every artist, student, and faculty member that wants to see them succeed.

The College in Color is a fun, restorative tool that alleviates anxiety and stress during long work days. I recommend it to all college students!
— TJ Jiles, Student